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Where You Can Find Creator Emails and Email Templates

January 26, 2024

Have you ever found a fantastic creator but don't know how to get in touch? I know I have. It is one of the most infuriating things during the creator-hunting process. You've just found your ideal creator but get cut short because there's no way to even contact them outside of social media. This can become a slippery slope, falling down the rabbit hole of never-ending profiles and links. If you don't learn where to look, it can turn your creator hunt from a quick side project, into a whole day affair. Then you've finally found that email, but you don't know what to say, or you send an email riddled with typos because you haven't made a pre-set email template.  

In this article, we're traveling down the rabbit hole like Alice In Wonderland and finding those creator emails, as well as making you a template that's ready to send off to creators.

Rabbit Hole


Don't worry; you haven't followed the white rabbit down the hole yet. This is on the surface, and is completely necessary when creator hunting. An email in the bio is a gift sent from the heavens. It makes your life easy and makes the creator hunt seem like an average day scrolling through TikTok. I have noticed something during my time of creator hunting that has been a life-saving discovery, to say the least. I usually do creator hunting on my computer but do it on my phone from time to time. On the TikTok app on your phone, you can see the creator's email linked with TikTok, while on the desktop, it gets lost and is nowhere to be found. Here's an example of what I mean.

View on Desktop:

View on Iphone/App:

Notice the email is just waiting to be clicked. So when you've found a great creator, make sure to check on mobile to make sure it's not linked to their TikTok profile. 

Creator Links and/or Google Search 

This is the entrance to the rabbit hole; you still have time to turn back, but you can easily get lost navigating through the creator's profiles and websites. The reason that google search is mentioned is because they might not have everything on their custom link, so you'll need to put in some manual labor to find that email. Sometimes, the creator's email can be found right in their Linktree or Zaap, just like this:   

If it can't be visibly found in the creator's link, I then travel to their website, followed by Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and any other profiles they may have that can be found from a quick Google search. This is something you can do with a couple of creators here and there, but doing this constantly can really cost you a lot of time. 

Following and Used Hashtags 

Now, it's possible that when creator hunting in a specific niche, you keep running into the same profiles and are struggling to find someone new. A great way to filter in new accounts is to look at your ideal candidates and see the hashtags they commonly use. This is not only a great way to find new accounts but also gives you new ideas for other hashtags to filter through. If the hashtags are still not making the cut, try looking at who they're following. Creators within the same space tend to follow each other; this can introduce a lot of new profiles but is very time-consuming and is essentially a last-ditch effort to find someone new. 

Paid Software    

You finally made it to the bottom of the rabbit hole! Paid software that has all of the creators' contact information is a great tool but can be expensive. These types of softwares are only worth it for giant companies or agencies who creator hunt everyday, but if you only go on the hunt a couple of times a week, this is not worth it. You're already going to pay for the creator, so why add to your expenses when you don't need to. Sometimes, they might not even have the creator you want. I know it can be challenging to let go of that one creator you want, but at some point, you need to move on.

Email Template

Imagine you have ten creators you want to email, and you're typing each email right from the start. This is something you should NOT do, and no matter if you creator hunt every day or once a month, you need an email template. This way, you can avoid mistakes and typos. Here's an email template I would highly suggest trying:

Hey [Creators Name],

Hope you're having a great day!

My name is [Your Name], I'm the [Your Position] at [Companies Name Hyper Linked], and we're looking to create [Share why you're reaching out and what you're looking for]. 

The budget for this campaign allows us to offer you a total of [Total payment for the total amount of videos].

If you're interested, please let me know.

Hope to work with you soon! 


[Your Name]

This is an excellent template for a general reach-out. You check all of the boxes and even get to showcase the creator's payment in bold. Always do total payment and not price per video, the number looks bigger and catches the attention of the creator more often. This way, you're upfront, and there are no miscommunications when it comes to creator payment and the types of videos you're looking for.  

Final Destination

Hopefully, this article has helped you reach Wonderland when it comes to securing your ideal creator. If you have any other burning questions when it comes to UGC, make sure to check out all of our other blogs HERE.