Creator Marketing

What is Meta Whitelisting?

June 16, 2024

Meta whitelisting, or creator licensing, is a digital advertising strategy where brands gain permission to use a content creator’s handle to promote content. This allows brands to leverage the creator's authenticity and unique style, making ads appear directly from the creator. With a proven track record of outperforming traditional social media ads by up to 50%, why wouldn't you get involved?

Why is Meta Whitelisting Important for Brands?

In the world of online marketing, authenticity and credibility are crucial for survival. Nearly 70% of the time, consumers trust recommendations from content creators they follow more than traditional brand ads. Meta whitelisting bridges this gap by combining the reach and credibility of creators with the brand’s message.

Understanding Whitelisted Ads vs. Brand-Owned Ads

Whitelisted Ad

  • Created by the content creator in their unique style.
  • Promoted using the creator’s handle, making it appear as content from the creator.
  • The brand controls the ad’s targeting to specific audiences.

Example: ChipsAhoy x Keke Palmer

This is exactly what meta-whitelisting looks like a brand and a big-name influencer getting together to promote the same ad. If you did regular branded content promoting the hashtag “#ChipsAhoyPartner,” it wouldn’t be very effective because your audience has no idea who the partner is. By posting the content on each other's profiles, you’re not only letting the ChipsAhoy lovers know, but you’re also gaining some new customers through Keke’s huge following.

Brand-Owned Ad

  • Created and managed entirely by the brand.
  • Posted on the brand's official social media accounts or advertising platforms.
  • Identified as content from the brand.

Example: ChipsAhoy

Brand-owned ads are easy to find anywhere. Again, we’re using ChipsAhoy as an example to show you the key differences between the two types of ads. This post is coming from the brand without outside influence and has been clearly constructed by their creative team. 

Benefits of Meta Whitelisting for Brands

Enhanced Credibility - Ads from a creator’s handle appear more genuine and trustworthy. The average person is more likely to engage with content from creators they follow and trust.

Targeted Audience Reach - Brands can control who sees the creator’s whitelisted posts. This allows them to target these posts to specific audiences, even those who don't follow the creator. This ensures the ad has maximum exposure. 

Customizable Content - Brands can make minor edits to align the creator’s content with their messaging while maintaining the creator’s authenticity.

Benefits of Meta Whitelisting for Creators

Higher Payouts - Creators earn for content creation and for granting brands access to their social media accounts.

Wider Exposure - Creators gain visibility to new audiences through the brand's advertising efforts.

Clean Feed - Whitelisted posts are excluded from the creator’s main feed, keeping their content clean and authentic.

How Do Brands Whitelist Creators on Meta?

Get Whitelisting Permissions - Brands need to get permission from creators via Meta Business Manager.

Link Creator Accounts - Creators link their Business Manager account to their Facebook page or Instagram handle.

Request Partnership - Brands request to add the creator as a Business Partner in the Business Manager.

Accept Partnership - Creators accept the partnership request, giving brands access to their account for ad placement.

Launch Ads - Brands customize and launch partnership ads through their Meta Ad Account, monitoring performance via Facebook Business Manager.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Meta whitelisting is a powerful tool for brands to enhance their advertising strategy. By leveraging the trust and authenticity of content creators, brands can increase engagement, reach targeted audiences, and ensure their ads resonate more effectively. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, meta-whitelisting offers a sophisticated solution for brands looking to maximize their advertising impact.