Sourcing UGC Creators on Fiverr: Best Practices and Pitfalls to Avoid

December 22, 2023

If you're looking to hire freelance creators for a particular job, chances are you've probably looked on Fiverr. Being one of the most popular freelance platforms out there, they offer a vast pool of talented creators who can contribute to the majority of your needs. Many of these freelancers can be great hires and can positively impact your current UGC strategy. With that being said, it isn't all swift hires and perfect projects. Closing in on nearly a million active freelancers, you're bound to come across a couple of bad apples. But with so many different creators to choose from, how do you pick the right one? 

In this article, we will go over some of the best practices to consider when creator hunting and the pitfalls you must avoid. 

Best Practices

Prioritize Objectives 

This may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised what you start to forget when the creator hunt has been going on for a few days. You need to remember and clearly outline your UGC goals. Whether it's increasing brand awareness or showcasing products and services, having well-defined objectives will help you find creators that fit your campaign's needs.

Profile Assessment 

Profile Assessment goes out the window when you're past the deadline. It's like ordering that late-night meal after you haven't eaten all day; it doesn't matter what it is or where it's coming from; you just need it now, and chances are you overpaid on delivery fees. Save yourself the morning after being filled with regret, and stay keen on scrutinizing Fiverr profiles. Look for detailed descriptions, relevant skills, and completed projects. A comprehensive profile often indicates a committed and professional freelancer. Always ensure that their previous projects resonate with your brand's tone and image.

Check Reviews and Ratings

When was the last time you were the first to ever do something? Probably never, and you shouldn't start here. Reviews and ratings are valuable indicators of a creator's reliability. Prioritize freelancers with positive feedback and pay attention to comments regarding communication, commitment to deadlines, and overall satisfaction. Don't be the Guinea pig that gets ghosted. 

Communication Is Key

This is something that needs to be established right from the jump. If you do not set clear deadlines and stick to them, you will get walked all over, and your simple creator campaign could take months. Once the boundaries of a clear deadline have been set, engage with your potential creators to discuss your project's details, expectations, and any specific requirements. Effective communication is crucial for successful collaboration.

Understanding Fiverr

Fiverr has many features beyond the search box to help you find creative talent. Knowing and understanding their features can bring you a lot more potential creators. 

Fiverr Levels 

Based on their performance, Fiverr categorizes sellers into levels (e.g., Level 1, Level 2, Top Rated). Higher levels often indicate more experienced and reliable freelancers.

Fiverr Pro

Fiverr Pro features vetted professionals recognized for exceptional quality. While this service may come at a premium, it ensures a higher standard of work.

Pitfalls to Avoid

Subpar Profiles

Sure, diamonds in the rough are out there, but are you really willing to blow your budget on a one-in-a-million chance? 

Thought so.

Steer clear of creators with incomplete profiles with consistently low ratings. A lack of information clearly indicates a lack of commitment and professionalism towards their job. Let me remind you, there's no problem taking a chance on someone who's new to Fiverr or has only had a couple of gigs, as long as they have a dedicated portfolio and samples that showcase their talent. At all costs, avoid hiring creators without a portfolio or any form of an example to showcase their work. Without an insight into the quality and style of their content, who knows what you could end up with. 

How Can It Be That Cheap? 

Everybody loves finding a good deal, but that little voice in our heads starts to ask, "Why is this so cheap?" If it was that great, wouldn’t it be sold out? You need to be cautious of offers that seem unrealistically cheap or promise quick results. Quality work typically comes at a reasonable price, and rushed projects may compromise quality.

In turn, additional or hidden costs may arise after starting a project. Clarify the scope and pricing details upfront to avoid any surprises with both cheaper and expensive campaigns. 

Sorry, I'm Just Seeing This

Being late to a couple of emails is usually no big deal, but it can quickly get out of hand if you don't begin to set the record straight. If a creator's communication is unclear or unresponsive during the initial discussions, it may lead to misunderstandings, project complications, and unrealistic timelines. Try to be cautious of creators promising unrealistically short delivery times. Quality work often takes time, and rushed projects may compromise results.

Jack of All Trades

Don't get me wrong, it's important to have many skills when it comes to UGC creation. You should try to choose creators who specialize in the specific service you need. While avoiding those who claim to be experts in everything, nobody likes a know-it-all. 

What Are You Waiting For?

As long as you remind yourself what you're actually looking for in a creator and not just taking the first person who replies, you should be well on your way to a successful campaign. If you take in the best practices while avoiding the common pitfalls, you can navigate Fiverr effectively to find skilled UGC creators who align with your brand's vision.

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