Ways to Boost E-Commerce Conversion Rates

October 27, 2023

They're more than enough choices these days when it comes to online shopping. With millions of online shops and even more shoppers, you want to do your best to turn those clicks into cash. With the majority of shoppers visiting and browsing a website multiple times before their first purchase, your E-Commerce conversion rate doesn't need to be as high as you probably think. The conversion rate of an average successful store is 2.5-3%. With such a visually low number, this challenge for many businesses is harder than it looks. Whether you're just starting your online store or looking to boost your current one, understanding the key strategies to boost your E-Commerce conversion rates is critical for survival.

Easy and Simple Website

The last thing you want is someone looking to buy your product, but your website is overly complicated, won't load, or is just plain ugly. By having a visually appealing website, making it user-friendly for both desktop and mobile and having quick options for checkout, you are doing yourself a favor and your business too. 

A/B Testing 

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a commonly used method to compare two versions of something, such as a website or an app. The reason for doing this test is to determine which one performs better. In the context of E-Commerce, it involves creating two different versions of an element (email, ad, or website landing page) and showing these versions to similar customers at the same time. 

This experiment aims to identify which version produces better results in terms of conversions, click-through rates, or other user actions. By measuring the performance of A and B, businesses can make data-driven decisions to optimize their websites, marketing campaigns, and user experiences. 

Be Transparent and Build Trust

Trust is essential and a cornerstone when building an online business. Having UGC is essential for building trust and credibility between you and your shoppers. You should display customer reviews and testimonials prominently or have an easy-to-find button for them. The company should also clearly state its refunds, shipping, and customer support policies to build further trust.

Creating Urgency


We've all gotten those ads that have flash sales or limited-time offers. This is not only a great way to get customers but to get returning ones as well. This type of urgency compels first-time visitors to make a decision quickly before it's too late, thus increasing the chances of your conversion rate. Even though a 10% discount can be great on your products, don't forget to offer free shipping discounts as well. With millions of digital shopping carts floating in cyberspace, shipping costs and extra fees can kill your conversion rates.

Checking In

Whether it's just to check in, say you've got a new collection, offer a nice little discount, or remind them about the shopping cart they left on your site, emails are a fantastic way to follow up with customers. This is an area you don't want to miss, with almost 100% of people with an email account checking it every day. 

Another amazing advantage to email is organically generating UGC through a post-interaction email (PIE). This email Invites shoppers to review their recent purchases, boosting review volume significantly. Gathering more reviews enhances consumer confidence, making them more comfortable shopping with you. Additionally, PIEs allow you to collect valuable feedback on products and customer service, enabling you to enhance future shopping experiences.

Focus on The Customers You Have 

Shoppers who had a good experience will most likely be repeat customers and recommend your company to fellow workers and friends. By offering top-notch customer service, it will only help your conversion rates. Poor customer service will harm your business in several ways and, overall, isn't a look you want. By taking time to ask for general feedback through reviews, ratings, and email customer surveys, you're able to look for patterns and find correlations that can help you improve your business. It's also good to respond to customers, both good and bad comments. Don't be emotional and respond in a charged manner to negative comments, that will only deter future sales. Instead, be understanding and do your best to fix the current situation. This shows that you care what they have to say and that there's actually a person behind this business. 

 In this new era dominated by online shopping, attracting customers to your e-commerce business and enticing them to purchase is vital for retailers and brands. Gathering feedback, providing exceptional customer service, and delivering a smooth shopping journey build trust and set you apart whenever a shopper seeks something new to buy.