Everything You Need to Know About Interactive Content

March 31, 2024

What is Interactive Content 

Interactive content is digital content that engages users and encourages them to participate in the experience rather than passively consuming it. It allows followers to interact with the content in various ways, such as clicking, dragging, typing, selecting options, or providing their input. It can be displayed in many shapes and sizes, such as quizzes, polls, surveys, calculators, games, infographics, videos, and more. 

The primary goal of interactive content over static content is to enhance user engagement, provide a personalized experience, and drive meaningful interactions, which in turn increase brand awareness, customer engagement, and overall conversions.

Why is it Important?

Just because you might not take surveys or participate in quizzes doesn’t mean other people don’t. Interactive content is significant in various contexts, especially digital marketing and content creation. Below, we have highlighted the main reasons you should consider interactive content and how it can help grow your business.

Enhanced Engagement: Interactive content encourages active participation from users, leading to higher engagement levels than passive content. Users are more likely to spend time interacting with content that offers them a hands-on experience, which increases attention and retention.

Improved User Experience: Allowing users to interact with the content meaningfully creates a sense of empowerment and leads to a more memorable experience.

Higher Conversion Rates: Interactive content has been shown to drive higher conversion rates compared to static content. When followers actively engage with content in a more interactive manner, it can influence their decision-making process, such as making a purchase or signing up for a service.

Data Collection and Insights: Interactive content offers opportunities to gather valuable insights about user preferences, behaviors, and interests. Businesses can gain valuable information that can inform their marketing strategies, product development, and content creation efforts by analyzing user interactions and responses.

Increased Brand Awareness and Loyalty: Additionally, by providing users with engaging content, businesses can build stronger connections with their audience, leading to increased brand loyalty and advocacy.

Differentiation and Competitive Advantage: With millions of brands fighting for the same goal, interactive content can help businesses stand out from the competition. Businesses can strengthen their brand identity by offering unique and engaging experiences that capture users' attention.

Tools of the Trade: How do I create Interactive Content?

For the most part, creating interactive content has been a challenge. For the longest time, it was time-consuming and expensive and required quite a bit of background knowledge. Obviously, quite a few people saw a gap in the market and decided to build a boatload of tools to help us out! These tools can help with any needs or financial budget you may be fixed to. Now, you don’t have to spend your weekends learning how to code; all you have to do is find the right platform for you. 


Working with big-name clients such as Amazon and Uber, Outgrow has done an amazing job at creating captivating and visually pleasing interactive content. Just because they work with industry giants doesn’t mean they cost a fortune. They have plans and models for everyone.

With's main focus being to inspire, navigate, and explore, they created a platform that does just that. These guides take text, video, images, and other static information and turn it into an experience where the consumer can actively participate. Adding a functional comment section within these guides allows readers to share ideas, comments, and start conversations. This, without a doubt, will build a sense of community around your brand. 

Qzzr (Now Apart of Riddle Quiz Maker)

With Qzzr merging with Riddle, it seems to have been a perfect marriage between the two. Overall, the platform is a web-based quiz-creation tool used by brands, marketers, publishers, and other agencies to generate leads and increase social engagement. These types of quizzes include personality tests, polls, and surveys – each with flexible scoring options, branching logic, and lead generation. With this information, they can present consumers with targeted offers based on their quiz results. These quizzes can be used effectively through WordPress or embedded with code. 


ThingLink changes the way people interact with static media such as images. They can take anything in images, videos, 360 media, and 3D objects and turn it into a link for the consumer to use. With this type of platform, they can create interactive experiences that keep consumers engaged while tracking their every interaction. For example, you see a photo of someone wearing a jacket you like, but there’s no link to go buy it or figure out what brand it is. With ThingLink, you can add a link directly into the photo so people know where to go and buy it. 


Mapme is definitely a more specific service that fits within a certain niche but is very helpful, to say the least. It helps build interactive maps for cities, campuses, retail, events, and more. Even if you think your company might not need an interactive map experience, you might need to think again. offers just about everything when it comes to interactive content. Their platform helps you build online quizzes, calculators, and surveys that boost your conversion rates. They also offer solutions for leads, automated sales, user engagement, email list growth, and customer onboarding and help you gain insights into your audience. 


There’s always one person in the friend group who is weirdly good at math, and that friend would be Calculoid. Calculoid specializes in anything and everything related to online web calculators. Their pricing templates include ROI, loan, costs, and savings, all at various price points. You can even customize them to fit the look of your website. They even offer a thirty-day free trial for you to get your geek on. 


Right from the start, Zembula is dedicated to accelerating your ROI with personalized emails. With easy-to-use features such as Smart Banner and Blocks, the email is updated as soon as the consumer opens it in real time to personalize their experience. They leverage data to help design great-looking email images, which can be layered with any data source that works for you.  


No matter who the target audience is—whether it’s your employees, customers, target markets, education, or anything else—SurveyMonkey has you covered. As a leader in the survey industry, with over twenty million questions answered daily, it’s a no-brainer to join them to up your survey game. 


Inspire, educate, empower—these are the three keywords that describe Ceros, which definitely aims to do all of those things through interactive content. They’re set on giving you the best interactive content you can get and getting straight to the point on their website. Creos platform has a real-time digital canvas where you can create animated and interactive content without needing a professional developer. Having a platform that works seamlessly on desktop and mobile, it can be integrated into almost any e-commerce business.

What Do You Need?

As you can tell, there are plenty of user-friendly and amazing platforms that offer easy integration of interactive content. These companies have mastered all of the programming and headache-inducing coding, so you don’t need to. That way, you can get back to what matters the most.

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