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Navigating Creator Compensation: A Guide to Professional and Respectful Negotiations

January 6, 2024

Over time, you'll begin to learn how much creators charge for specific campaigns, but it's hard to know how much to offer right from the start. Offering too much can blow your budget out of the water, and offering too little can get you left on read after creator-hunting for weeks. Even though finding the right fit for your campaign can be a pesky task, it is, without a doubt, worth it. It is one of the best, if not the best, ways to reach your audience and boost overall engagement to grow your brand.

In this article, we'll review some tips to help you negotiate and build long-term relationships with the right creators.

Know Your Limits and Play Within It

Before getting caught up in how many followers and views a particular creator has you must clearly outline your budget and goals for any campaign. This will help you narrow down your list of potential creators and what you realistically can afford. Knowing your creator's budget can vary on key factors such as niche, location, and industry. 

The Shoe Fits! 

 Are you my Cinderella? While every creator doesn't need to be your dream match, getting someone who aligns with your brand's goals and brief is important. This ensures the creator's videos will come out organically and can resonate with the target audience easily. Using creator search engines such as Fiverr or TTCM can be a great starting place to help find creators who share the same interests. This way, you will discover creators who have more wiggle room in their budget, considering it's something they already believe in or use daily. 

Clear Introduction and Summary

Wait, who are you, and why are you in my inbox?

You don't want to get flagged as spam and get instantly transferred into the trash. Begin your email with a clear and concise introduction. State the purpose of your message and express your interest in continuing the negotiation process. A straightforward introduction sets a positive tone.

This should always be followed by a concise summary of what and who the brand is, followed by the amount you're willing to pay them.

Pro Tip: When you're always reaching out via emails or DM, you should always write your price in numbers instead of writing it out: $250.00 USD or two hundred and fifty dollars. It's a simple physiological trick but can easily land you more replies.

Having Empathy 

Just because you work for the brand or own the brand doesn't mean you have to communicate like an emotionless robot. Of course, being professional is crucial, but acknowledging the creator's perspective or questions they may have with empathy is the only way you're able to build a relationship between the creator and the brand. This helps build a foundation of respect from the start.

Your Position and Compromises 

Clearly state your position or proposal in a well-organized manner. Use bullet points or numbered lists to enhance readability. This clarity prevents misunderstandings and facilitates a more focused discussion. 

While doing this is a great way to be clear, sometimes details can still be overlooked. Try being open to potential solutions or compromises that address both parties' interests. This proactive approach shows your commitment to finding a middle ground and encourages reciprocation from the recipient.

Closing On a Positive Note 

Close your email with a polite conclusion that expresses gratitude for the creator's time and consideration. Summarize critical points, propose the following steps, and reiterate your willingness to collaborate, followed by a professional closing and your contact information.

Are We a Match?

Everyone isn't going to work out, and it might not always be smooth sailing when negotiations start. Being respectful of the creator's beliefs and asking price is always essential right from the start. Always start with a bit of a lower price and follow up by offering more if needed. 

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