Analysis: 5 Strategies Used in the Most Popular UGC TikTok Ads

July 11, 2023

TikTok has revolutionized the marketing industry, with User Generated Content (UGC) leading the charge. We took some time to analyze the top-performing UGC ads on TikTok, and learned some crucial insights that could shape your next marketing campaign.

In this blog, we’ll share our key findings and how you can use them to your advantage.

Immediate Product Display

Among the most common strategies employed in these UGC ads is showcasing the product right off the bat. The most successful ads either depict the product in use or incorporate text referring to it in the opening shot. This tactic, commonly known as 'don't bury the lead', is all about showing the viewers upfront what you want them to focus on.

Highlighting the product early in the video ensures immediate engagement and prompts viewers to continue watching. It's all about seizing attention within those crucial first few seconds. Think about using compelling visuals or an intriguing introduction text to grab your target audience’s attention right out of the gate.

For example, in Vuori’s ad for their Sunday Joggers, you don’t see the pants right away. But you do see on screen the name of the brand and the product.

OxiClean runs ads where users show how they clean their white sneakers using the detergent, and you always see the product right there on the counter in the opening shot.

Contextual storytelling

Another noteworthy point is that the most popular ads don't just show the product, they also demonstrate its purpose and use. This clear visualization effectively communicates the product's value proposition and establishes immediate relevance.

Adding context helps connect viewers with your ad on an emotional level. By either presenting the ad as a solution to a common problem or offering it as a response to popular queries, your audience will feel engaged and valued.

The ‘story’ doesn’t have to have an epic character arc. It can be as simple as framing your UGC as responses to comments (see example below) or using informative titles (such as "3 Bodycare tips to keep skin hydrated").

Natural Settings

The best UGC ads let viewers visualize what it's like to have the product in their own home. There's nothing more convincing than seeing a product in an authentic, natural setting, as it gives the audience a real-world idea of the product's use and function. This helps build trust as if the content is recommended by a friend rather than a faceless corporation.

Authenticity over Production

High-quality production is not the endgame in UGC. Instead, it's about authenticity and a real connection. This authentic approach often yields better engagement, as viewers appreciate the honesty and genuineness of the content.

Unique Personal Touch

Lastly, the secret ingredient that gives UGC its charm is the distinctive personality of the content creator. A successful UGC ad feels personal and authentic, far from a sterile, corporate production.

Incorporating personal quirks and style into the videos fosters a sense of uniqueness and authenticity. This resonates with viewers because it humanizes the content, making it more relatable and engaging.

For example, this creator took a simple but engaging approach to creating a UGC ad for a customer's campaign.

The trends in UGC on TikTok underscore the shifting dynamics in online advertising. With a focus on instant product visibility, storytelling, authenticity, and personal touch, marketers can leverage these insights to enhance their UGC strategies. Incorporating these elements into your next ad might just be the key to unlock a better engagement rate and a stronger connection with your audience.

The good news is, we’re here to help you every step of the way. To learn more about the best way to scale your UGC ads on Tiktok, book a strategy call with one of Bambassador’s experts!.