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DIY vs Bambassadors

DIY vs Bambassadors

Watch The Video
$200-$300 per video
7 - 10 days production duration
Just 30 minutes to select from vetted creators, approve their concepts, and receive finished videos.
Video editing is fully included  in the plan and done by professionals.
Creator screening is handled by our experts
Creator vetting is backed by data
Three aspect ratios provided for every video, all included in the price.
Flexible payment methods including bank transfer, credit card, or PayPal
Secure and worry-free, with unlimited usage rights fully enforced by Bambassadors.
Completely risk-free – you don't pay for videos you don’t approve of, backed by a money-back guarantee
$50-$150 per video
Up to 30 days production duration
Spend over 10 hours sourcing creators, managing product delivery, revising work, and handling video editing.
Video editing is personally done by you, outsourced with extra cost, or skipped.
Creator screening is handled by you
Creator vetting is backed by hunch
Limited to one aspect ratio, and you edit yourself or pay extra for a professional editor.
Payment method is dependent on the creator's preferences and limitations
Undefined video usage rights that often require additional legal work to clarify them.
No guaranteed satisfaction or refund policy for the content produced.

Results speak louder than words

We’ve helped many businesses just like yours scale immensely using the power of UGC.  Find your industry (or view them all!) and see how UGC positively impacted their KPIs!

Case Studies


clickthrough rate


lower cost per


higher return
on ad spend

apparel & fashion


increase in ROAS


Increase in a Ad Spend


Improvement of CAC


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App installs


Decrease in CPI

apps | gaming

Case Studies

Why Work with us?
We rock!

At Bambassadors, our mission is to foster authentic communication between brands and consumers. We provide a platform where brands connect with creators to create compelling video content. Brands receive full usage rights to use these videos across their websites, social media platforms, and paid advertising campaigns.

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