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Only buy the video ads you love and want to run in your paid campaigns. See your fully-edited videos before committing to any specific creator or production size. Our new platform and model cut production time by half, eliminating the need to revise creators’ work, fostering creative diversity and the cherry on top - saves $$$
Save money by only purchasing the videos you love
Save time and work by eliminating the need to revise concepts or videos
Creative diversity - dozens of creative minds pitch their ideas

The level of UGC video ads you won't get at

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Proven Results

Your campaign is in good hands with a team that's produced high-performing ads for brands worldwide.

Expert Video Editing

Pro video editors who live and breathe direct response ads, providing you with engaging videos that you can immediately start using.

Authentic Creative Quality

Never just talking heads; our creators tell an authentic story around your product or service.

Global Reach

Produce authentic UGC video ads with local creators in ANY language, anywhere in the world.

Professionals (athletes, doctors, accountants, etc.)
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Bambassadors has the ability to work with a variety of professionals, such as athletes, doctors, accountants, etc.
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There is no way I can get to TikTok's Top Ads with my products in a matter of weeks from now, you say?! Yes, way! Just ask Sensibo how this Sensibo Pure UGC video made by @enriquethemagician became their top performer and ran profitably for months in their ad campaigns, yielding outstanding ROI.

Using or considering using Billo for UGC? Why not get professional creators from the TikTok Creator Marketplace vetted by our team based on their viewership and engagement metrics so you know you get quality content for roughly the same price.

Authentic UGC
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Underoutfit: -31% CPA

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The apparel brand increased its return on ad spend by 38% after partnering with creators for Facebook branded content ads along with its usual product-focused ads. Read more

MedExpress: -42% CPA

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D2C health brand MedExpress worked with Bambassadors to kickstart their evergreen video campaigns. UGC video assets delivered reduced CPA for multiple product lines while scaling ad spend.

Sensibo: +30% ROAS

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Sensibo leveraged UGC to boost ROAS while scaling up their ad campaigns. Creators received detailed guidance from Bambassadors to create engaging videos and convey Sensibo's key messages.

Why choose Bambassadors?

Proven results

Your campaign is in good hands with a team that's produced high-performing ads for brands worldwide.

Expert video editing

Our dedicated post-production team lives and breathes direct response ads.

Creative quality

Never just talking heads, our creators tell a story around your product.

Global reach

Produce authentic ads with local creators in ANY language.

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Proven Results

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