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Boosting return on ad spend by combining video ads

The apparel brand increased its return on ad spend by 38% after partnering with creators for Facebook branded content ads along with its usual product-focused ads.

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Increase in CTR

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Increase in ROAS

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Increase in CTR


Underoutfit wanted to attract buyers and increase return on ad spend.


Mixing product ads and branded content

Underoutfit had already been advertising its products on Facebook, but to reach more people, the company decided to add creator-generated video to its ad campaigns as branded content.

Branded content is a creator’s or publisher’s content that features or is influenced by a business partner for an exchange of value. For example, a fashion blogger might receive payment from a sponsor to create a video that endorses the sponsor’s new clothing line. The blogger can share it on their Page and the sponsor can use the video to create a branded content ad.

Underoutfit worked with specialist user-generated content producer Bambassadors to plan a series of engaging videos that would contain key marketing messages. Underoutfit and Bambassadors then worked with several creators to make videos with engaging hooks and clear calls to action.

Meta Creative Shop partnered with Underoutfit and Bambassadors to help them implement best practices for the videos before launching them as branded content ads. The videos were around 15 seconds long and featured product unboxing, the product itself and the creator wearing the underwear while also sharing simple, direct commentary.

To measure the effect of adding branded content ads, Underoutfit ran a split test. One cell had its typical campaign of product-focused ads. The other cell had the usual product-focused ads plus ads featuring the creator content.


Shaping up nicely

Underoutfit discovered that adding branded content ads to its usual strategy gave sales a boost. The split test revealed that the October 2–16, 2022 campaign achieved:

  • 47% higher clickthrough rate from campaign with branded content plus usual ads, compared to usual ads alone
  • 31% lower cost per purchase from campaign with branded content plus usual ads, compared to usual ads alone
  • 38% higher return on ad spend from campaign with branded content plus usual ads, compared to usual ads alone

"We love working with Bambassadors! They deliver high-quality UGC videos - fast! The team is very professional and a pleasure to work with."

Liana Gutkin
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