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30% Better ROAS for Sensibo Pure

How Sensibo used Bambassadors’ UGC video production to boost ROAS and improve CAC

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Increase in ROAS

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Decrease in CAC

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Increase in Ad Spend


Sensibo is an e-commerce brand with a variety of smart devices for the home. They partnered with Bambassadors to get real people to review and unbox their products.

Together we created direct-response ads of “mashup reviews.” We partnered with numerous creators, shipped out products, and edited the results into top-performing creative.

We produced dozens of UGC videos for Sensibo to boost ROAS and scale ad spend.

The Approach

Hooks and Authenticity
Our video editing team turned “classic” unboxing review videos into engaging direct-response ads.

Creative Briefing
Creators received detailed guidance from Bambassadors on how to create engaging video and convey key marketing messages.

Creator Persona Matching
We matched Sensibo with creators who fit their target audience and customer avatar. We reached out to tech/smart home creators, engaged shoppers (hauls/unboxing) and more.

"I knew that UGC videos deliver better conversion, but with Bambassadors - Sensibo really got a huge improvement in performance on Facebook and TikTok. They know what they are doing and how to produce great creatives that your brand will love and profit from. They're low maintenance and great people to work with."

Digital Marketing Manager, Sensibo
Itamar Rubin
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