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Official TikTok case study: Reduced CPI by 90% for casual game

Increased ROAS for Redecor, a casual gaming title across multiple markets with dedicated creatives and advanced performance methodology.

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Increase in CVR

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Increase in ROAS

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Achieving efficiency for a casual game

Redecor is a casual home design game by Reworks Oy, acquired by Playtika in 2021. The game is a home decor style inviting players to design and decorate various rooms. Unlike many other design games, where players can just pick and place furniture items, with Redecor players are encouraged to express their creativity and play with different colors and textures. Also, players are evaluated by others adding a fun & engaging element to the game.

The gaming app, designed to inspire players' creativity, perfectly fit TikTok's DNA. However, when first launched, it did not generate the expected results, so the main goal was finding new solutions that will help improve performance, lowering CPI and increase ROAS.

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