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Parana Games


Driving App Installs and Sales for Parana Games

We helped Parana Games in acquiring new customers and achieving a higher ROAS for their skill-based, real-money game studio with Bambassadors' User-Generated Content (UGC) ads.

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Increase in CPI

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Decrease in CPA

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Reducing Creative Fatigue with Fresh Ad Creatives

Through highly engaging videos featuring comedy creators, Bambassadors' UGC production has helped Parana's real-money, skill-based pool game in reaching and engaging with audiences. UGC has outperformed the "classic" gameplay ads, which are currently experiencing ad blindness.

With a range of hooks and multiple iterations of video editing, Parana has uncovered winning ad creatives that have enabled them to successfully scale up their ad spending across various platforms.

Bambassadors' videos have been a game-changer for us! In addition to being top-performing ads, they also deliver outstanding in-game results and significantly boost our players' lifetime value.

Founder & CEO, Parana Games
Sagi Salomon
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