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Health & Wellness

42% CPA reduction for D2C healthcare

Bambassadors delivered reduced CPA for multiple product lines while scaling ad spend.

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reduction in CPA

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increase in CTR

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Data Driven

Bambassadors matched MedExpress / ZipHealth with creators who fit their target audience and customer persona, testing different genders, ages, and messages.

Structured Testing

Each set of videos tests a specific variable while holding other factors constant, no small achievement for real-person UGC ads!

Careful Iteration

Working across US and UK target markets, iterations honed in on video ads that sustain high performance over time.

The Result: Kickstarting evergreen video ad spend

ZipHealth / MedExpress identified game-changing assets to add to evergreen campaigns in key markets, delivering 42% reduction in CPA and a 19% increase in CTR for a leading product line.

"With Bambassadors, we can A/B test different messages, creator demographics, and video styles across product lines."

Jesse Cherubini
Sr. Performance Marketing Manager, HeliosX

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